Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello Malaysian,obama?haha.This is a piece of art made by our famous cartoonist,Dato' Lat,very interesting kan?
What i would like to share is,from the picture above we can see that in Malaysia we live in multi races
and nowdays the number of tourist is increasing vigorously
they are attracted to our culture,food,beautiful island and perhaps our climate here which is warm and sometimes could be HOT.haha
But that is not a major problem which will stop them from visiting our lovely country.
But we're as Malaysiana also have the important role to show them(tourist)
to our very own unique culture not by showing all those rempit things or other bad behaviour.
Haiyaa,come on la people
this kind of habit could probably make the the tourist think Malaysia is not a safe country to visit.
so,be good to the others

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