Thursday, January 24, 2013

How The Prophet Love Us ?

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters we meet again in this section,on the conjuction of The Maulidur Rasul i would like to share with all of you some knowledge that i get when i attend the Twins Of Faith Malaysia last year.

Straight to the point what i what to share with all of you are just like the title above,HOW THE PROPHET LOVE US ? 
Here are some of the example how much love had our Prophet (peace be upon Him) love us :') 

  1. The Syahadah that you said in the solah,with sincerity.It will be the syafaat at the Judgement Day
  2. The Prophet S.A.W make du'a for every person of his ummah and guess what? HE NEVER MISS IT AFTER SOLAH !
  3. He is a leader by being servant to his ummah
  4. He will be besides of our scale in akhirah,if our scale outweighted towards the sin.He will put his deed to ours.
Last but not least,

We may be the last ummah,but because the love of Rasullah S.A.W the Jannah is open for us first ! why? because we are the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W .MasyaAllah :')

untill we meet again in the next post,

remember,BE GOOD TO OHTERS :)
salam maulidur rasul
Jazakallah Khair

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